Junior Paddlers


New for Summer 2018… grom camps for ages 7-9


Updated info on our website at www.southshorejuniorpaddlers.com

South Shore Junior Paddlers is Long Island’s first race training program dedicated to teaching youth ages 10-17 the sport of standup paddleboarding.  With over 25 years of ocean and paddling experience, Paddlefit and WPA certifications, Karen Marvin of South Shore Paddleboards and Craig Stepnowski of Perfect Cadence Paddle Fitness have developed a one of a kind paddling program for your child. The program is designed to:
        Introduce youth to standup paddleboarding
        Teach youth about water safety
        Instruct youth on proper paddling technique
        Enhance a child’s physical conditioning and psychological growth
        Coach and prepare youth to participate in local SUP races
        Instill in youth an appreciation and respect for the environment
The South Shore Junior Paddling School is a comprehensive paddle lessons program designed to teach youth the sport of standup paddleboarding.  The guiding principle of the program is to introduce and encourage a healthy lifestyle model for kids through paddling within a safe and encouraging environment.  Students will learn water safety, basic fitness regiments, paddling technique and race strategy while developing both physically (strength, balance, flexibility, cardio) and psychologically (confidence, gratitude, teamwork).  The program employs a developmental model of teaching in which sport is seen as an area for learning, where success is measured in terms of personal growth and development. The physical goal of the program is to develop sport specific skills while increasing overall health and fitness.  The psychological goals are to develop leadership skills, self-discipline competitiveness, sportsmanship, teamwork and self-confidence).  The main overall goal is to develop an athlete’s physicality while fostering positive character traits within them. 
The South Shore Junior Paddling School is open to all youth ages 10-17.  The program will be broken down into two 5-week sessions. Weekly sessions will last 90 minutes and will incorporate the following concepts:
      – dynamic warmup
      – technique demonstration/lesson
      – on water drills / technique reinforcement
      – on/off water conditioning
      – team building exercises and games
     – cool down / open discussion/ wrap   
Students enrolled in the paddling program will be eligible to join the South Shore Junior Race Team.  The race team will compete in local races throughout the Northeast. 


For more information please visit www.southshorejuniorpaddlers.com